Hello fellow musical students!….

I say fellow, because we are all somewhere along the path. Somedays we might feel like rank beginners and others the music flows effortlessly thru us to the instrument.

I learn things every day and hope to pass some of that along to you.

All teachers and students are different, my style might not be what you need to grow. I would wager though more than one will have an “Ah!” moment and that is what makes me happy.

I have been playing on and off for fifteen years and formally this last five years. I use various methods that I would like to pass along to you.

I like electric and acoustic and use Pro Tools in my productions, which I would like to teach also.

A typical student of mine would be an adult learner with little music training background who might want to play to friends and family in a small house party/barbecue setting.

Teaching at your level whether at the simple folk, blues, or rock level and going towards simple jazz and theory work.

Member in good standing:

Nashville Songwriters Association International

Look forward to hearing from you

Cheers!… Papo Jim