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I also training for piano, mandolin, harmonica, drums, and singing.

A story I like to share relates to me growing up in Northern California in the mid 60’s.

I come from a military family and we lived near San Francisco during the hey day of Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, and CSNY. All the great singer songwriters that came out of the Troubadour in LA. I wanted to be like that and did not have a proper instrument or training.

I found an old steel string guitar in the dump and would put on albums( vinyl records for the youngsters!) and pretend to play along. Never changed the strings. never tuned the guitar, and never learned how to tune it!.

As a grown man I look back at that and told myself someday I would learn about music and be the one in the crowd that could play.

One day I took action and slowly put one foot in front of the other and slowly the skills and exercises took hold. Will I every make it on a TV show or sell a million seller song, probably not(I have my fingers crossed on the song though!).

I do know what I am though, a good and patient teacher, someone who took action and now I can share my successes with you to see you progress faster.

Music is a frustrating Mistress… Demanding time of us and practice and when we don’t put in the time sometimes it feels like we are starting over again.

The first year can be hard… I want to give you the tools, lessons, routines, and inspiration to be successful for a life time of enjoyment.

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Sometimes I tell my students locally here in Denver…

” Come on get on…It is going to be a great ride!”







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Two questions people usually ask me:

Why are you doing this and what is this site about?

I am a fourth year music student and this is really my senior project, I get to help a lot of people and get asked a lot of questions that will help me later in my life as a musical teacher.

Why Papo Jim as a name?

Jim is my first name and Papo, or some spelling variation, means grandfather in a lot of cultures. I am a grandfather and enjoy it and to me it implies passing down knowledge to family and friends.

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Thanks and it will be a great musical journey!!… Everyone has a song inside them.

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