Home page for lessons with guitars..

What are some of the things I like to train on..

1. Lessons at:

a. At your residence
b. At my studio

2. Follow up via email and YouTube between lessons:

a. Reinforce the previous lesson
b. Videos will review and reinforce
c. Introduce some music philosophy
d. Introduce using a metronome and music stand

3. Lesson structure:

a. Warm ups and Exercises

1. These build strength and flexibility
2. Short passages(etudes) build licks
3. Rhythm….clapping and drum…listen for different tempos

b. Chord vocabulary

1. Open / Folk position
2. Barre positions
3. Inversions(Advanced)
4. Grip exercises for strength

c. Scales

1. Pentatonic ( 5 Positions)
2. Pentatonic rooted on 5th or 6th string (Advanced)
3. Major/ Minor scales
4. Modes( Advanced)

d. Songs

1. Songs you would like to learn
2. Songs you are writing

This is a very bare bones outline and very flexible for me and you the student.

I keep in mind that I am a student on a musical path as much as you are, somethings we can go quickly on and somethings we will need to review repeatedly and some things you will be more interested in than other things.

Part of my philosophy of teaching is to get you to the point of understanding the basics and using modern technology ( ie computers and the internet) to develop a practice that is just perfect for you.

The book and course materials I prefer to use can be found at Jamorama follow the link below to order. Any questions before ordering feel free to contact me. For my course you will only need the download version.

Thanks and look forward to working with you,