Inital set up is important.. Watch these videos:

What I recommend for the new guitarist.





What are some of the things I like to train on..

1. Lessons at:

a. At your residence
b. At my studio

2. Follow up via email and YouTube between lessons:

a. Reinforce the previous lesson
b. Videos will review and reinforce
c. Introduce some music philosophy
d. Introduce using a metronome and music stand

3. Lesson structure:

a. Warm ups and Exercises

1. These build strength and flexibility
2. Short passages(etudes) build licks
3. Rhythm….clapping and drum…listen for different tempos

b. Chord vocabulary

1. Open / Folk position
2. Barre positions
3. Inversions(Advanced)
4. Grip exercises for strength

c. Scales

1. Pentatonic ( 5 Positions)
2. Pentatonic rooted on 5th or 6th string (Advanced)
3. Major/ Minor scales
4. Modes( Advanced)

d. Songs

1. Songs you would like to learn
2. Songs you are writing


Different styles of acoustic guitars