What is so special about the pentatonic minor..maybe it is its’ three friends….


The pentatonic minor is a five note scale that noticably leaves out the 3rd…. There are three minor modes that are very similar.

Dorian, Phrygian, and Aeolian modes are diatonic(fixed) scales that share five notes with the pentatonic minor.

What are the modes, I remember them this way:

I Do Play Loud Music At Lucy’s

1  I                     Ionian

2  Do                 Dorian

3  Play               Phrygian

4  Loud              Lydian

5  Music             Mixolydian

6  At                   Aeolian

7  Lucy’s            Locrian


Three major  1,4 , and 5

Three minor  2,3 ,and 6

And then the Locrian… That is a mode for another day!!…


The video gives you an overview of the minor modes and the links below will take you to the jam track and the chart.



Cheers!!!….  PapoJims


JamTack                                                    Worksheet Chart

G pentatonic patterns