PJs Circle of 5ths

Circle of 5ths



Music Theory


When you come to this page you know what you are going to get might be a little dry…

I will keep lessons short and fun.







Most of the theory I will train on will help you incorporate scales into your chord progressions.
Also will practice some inversions ideas to make simple music more interesting to play and to listen to.
The Circle of 5ths should get you started , also another mnemonic  I like for sharps and flats:

( nice mnemonic for order of sharps and flats)

FCGDAEB….. Father Charles Goes Down and Eats Breakfast  for  #

BEADGCF……..Battle Ends And Down Goes Charles’ Father    for b

I mentioned this next one in my pentatonic minor lesson on the guitar level 2 page;

I Do Play Loud Music At Lucy’s….

Ionian  … Dorian…. Phrygian ….Lydian…. Mixolydian…..Aeolian…Locrian

For more advanced musical theory studies I recommend the EarMaster courses.

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